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Alan Perer. 40+ years of success in Wrongful Death Cases.

The death of a family member doesn’t just cause emotional pain. It also can create severe financial problems. The law says you can sue wrongdoers for both.

Alan Perer has provided effective specialized legal representation to clients in wrongful death cases for more than 40 years. He has helped families with the legal know-how needed in what are often complicated cases.

Below are a sample of cases that Alan Perer has handled that demonstrate the kind of specialized legal experience that you will need to bring a successful wrongful death case.

$6.25 million

  • Wrongful Death – Product Liability
  • Recovery in part for mother and children trapped and drowned in street flood

$6 million

  • Wrongful Death – Utility Company Negligence
  • Settlement from electric utility for worker killed by falling telephone pole

$5.2 million

  • Wrongful Death – Product Liability
  • 10 year old girl killed by loose hose dragged by speeding fire truck

$5.1 million

  • Wrongful Death – Pharmaceutical
  • Woman killed by stroke after taking a generic dimetab medication

$5 million

  • Wrongful Death – Medical Device
  • Woman killed by application of defective surgical staple device

$4 million

  • Wrongful Death – Truck Collision
  • Truck driver killed by a crash due to failure of another truck to use warning lights

$3.2 million

  • Wrongful Death – Negligence
  • Man killed by a falling inflatable slide while attending a Cleveland Indians game

$2.9 million

  • Wrongful Death – Negligence
  • Settlement for family of 64 year old man after a gas explosion

$2.7 million

  • Wrongful Death – Negligence
  • Verdict for family of victim killed by a tractor trailer in a truck depot

$1.7 million

  • Wrongful Death – Product Liability
  • Paper mill employee who was killed by defective paper mill machinery

$1.2 million

  • Wrongful Death – Dram Shop
  • Man shot to death by drunken bar patron