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Pittsburgh Diocese Child Abuse Victims Fund (IRCP) | Call Alan Perer now! Time is running out.

As a child, were you sexually abused by a priest?

The Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese has created a child abuse fund to compensate victims like you.
But the deadline for new allegations ends in July. You must act quickly.

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Alan Perer is managing partner at SPK – the law firm of Swensen & Perer. He is a lawyer who knows the law, He is famous for handling hundreds of clerical abuse cases of sexual abuse cases by priests in Pittsburgh and in Pennsylvania. He is an acknowledged authority, frequently consulted by major news regarding the evolving status of sexual child abuse litigation. Perer has also epresented a large vumber of child abuse victims against the most virulent predator preists named in last year’s Grand Jury Report that issued out of the Pennsylvania Attorney General Office.

You’ll need Alan Perer’s experience to get the respect, money and help you really deserve. He knows how to get you maximum compensation. Don’t settle for less. Submissions to the Diocese Child Abuse Fund are complex. You can easily lose compensation you are trully entitled to. Not all attorneys are familiar with child abuse cases. If you have applied or want to apply, be careful in choosing an attorney.

If you choose the wrong lawyer, you may be hurting your chances at a full and fair recovery.

MAXIMIZE your compensation by calling Alan Perer, an experienced sexual abuse lawyer to help you get the compensation you are due from the Pittsburgh Diocese IRCP Sexual Abuse Fund. Your consultations will be free and confidential.

Note that the requirements of submission to the Diocese compensation fund (IRCP) are complex. Claimants need to register first and then submit a second detailed claim form. The process of fact gathering, correctly identifying the damage that was done, the measure of harm, and how long it lasted, are all properly presenting a submission that best benefits the client, Strong cases can lose much if they are presented in an informal way or lack substantive support,

Alan Perer of SPK knows how to manage and guide the process and mximize your changes with the fund, And if necessary in court.

More about the INDEPENDENT RECONCILIATION AND COMPENSATION PROGRAM (“IRCP”) for the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for Compensation of Certain Individual Claims of Clergy Sexual Abuse of Minors by Clergy of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The qualifications, requirements and procedures given for submission will be difficult for some applicants to follow.
Statements by program administrators indicated that any applicants should consult a lawyer.

THE IRCP Pittsburgh Compensation Fund website gives the following details about the “application” process and requirements:

“The Program is purely voluntary; no individual is required to participate in the Program. Only if the individual is satisfied with the compensation provided does the individual agree to waive rights to litigate against the Diocese.

Individuals who previously submitted a complaint of sexual abuse of minors to the Diocese will have an opportunity to seek compensation from this Program.

Individuals who have not previously filed a complaint with the Diocese may register to participate in the Program through this website on or before July 31, 2019.

To register, potentially eligible Claimants need to provide their name, contact information, and a summary description of the nature of the claim, including the dates and location of the abuse and name of the perpetrator. New complaints of abuse received through this Program must be reported to the local office of the District Attorney and to the Diocese for review.

Mr. Feinberg and Ms. Biros retain complete and sole discretion over eligibility and all compensation offers to eligible victims who participate in the Program. By agreement, the Diocese cannot reject the Administrators’ final determinations as to eligibility and amount of compensation.
Individuals who previously settled their sexual abuse claims with the Diocese will not be permitted to participate in the Program.

Individuals who allege sexual abuse as a minor by a member of a religious order or lay teachers and employees of the Diocese are not eligible to participate in the Program.

Eligible claims will be paid within two weeks from the time that a submitted claim is deemed eligible, compensation is determined and a Release is received by the Administrators.

The deadline to register a new allegation is July 31, 2019.

The effective date of the Program is January 22, 2019. All claims submitted to the Administrators must be postmarked no later than September 30, 2019.

Individuals who wish to participate in the Program may immediately register with the Administrators on this Program website by providing their names, contact information and a summary description of the nature of the allegation, including the dates, time, location of the alleged abuse and name of the alleged perpetrator. Such information will be maintained in strict confidence in conjunction with this Program except that it will be forwarded to the local office of the District Attorney by the registrant and the Diocese for initial review of the allegations. The registrant should include the following language in their written notification to the DA as follows: “By sending this notification to the DA I agree that the DA’s office can inform the Diocese of the allegations reported to the DA.” In addition, the Diocese will have the matter investigated by Diocesan Independent Review Board.”