(Pittsburgh, PA) On June 17, 2003, 35-year-old man, Michael Pfister drove his father’s car, in a 25-mile-an-hour zone, crossed the highway and collided head on with Mr. Wagner, our client. Mr. Wagner was a 64-year-old retired elevator repairman, who suffered a comminuted fracture of his knee, torn cartilage in his knee, and partially torn ligaments in his knee. He was placed in a long leg cast for three and a half months and then underwent physical therapy. He is left with some arthritis in his knee, and he faces the prospect of having arthroscopic surgery or a knee replacement in the future. He has made a pretty good recovery and is able to golf, drive and handle his affairs of daily living.

This case was tried to a jury verdict on March 7, 2006, before Judge Bernard Lutty in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

The interesting part of the case was that Alan learned that Mr. Pfister’s license was under suspension when he operated his father’s car on the day he collided with Mr. Wagner. He also learned that he had wrecked his own car while under suspension two months before and had a long history of accidents, suspensions, citations, and a DUI conviction. A claim was brought against Mr. Pfister’s father who owned the car for negligent entrustment. As a result of the fact that the father denied that he negligently entrusted the vehicle, his son’s driving record was placed before the jury. The jury returned a verdict against both the son and the father in the amount of $110,000. No appeal was filed.

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