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If you were Sexually Abused as a Child you may still have time to bring a Lawsuit

Priest | Scout Leader | Coach

A Landmark Decision that allows you to sue if you were Abused as a Child.

In 2019, in a case argued by Alan Perer, the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that those who were sexually abused as children could bring a case when that abuse was covered up or concealed or hidden. (RENEE’ A. RICE v. DIOCESE OF ALTOONA-JOHNSTOWN).

This is a major change in how Pennsylvania courts have handled the time limit within which you need to file child abuse cases.

Now you are allowed to show that the caretaker organization had knowledge of the abuse and concealed it. Or even allowed sexual predators to continue in their positions as priests, scout leaders or sports coaches.

This means the statute of limitations may not stop you from bringing a sexual abuse case against a Diocese, the Boy Scouts or a school or sports organization.

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Grand jury and other investigations show that institutions like the Pittsburgh Diocese and the Boy Scouts of America regularly hid evidence of sexual abuse.

To make a case, it is important that your lawyer knows how to handle your claim and what you need to get the therapeutic help you need and the compensation you deserve.

Alan Perer is managing partner at SPK – the law firm of Swensen & Perer. He is a lawyer who knows the law. He has handled hundreds of sexual abuse cases in Pittsburgh and in Pennsylvania. He is an acknowledged authority, frequently consulted by major news regarding the evolving status of sexual child abuse litigation.

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Sexual abuse of children affect them for the rest of their lives. It’s not easy to revisit the memories or sometimes even find the courage to point to those who were responsible.

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