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ALAN H. PERER - Recent Medical Malpractice Cases

Wrongful death case 5 year old

A 5 year old boy has tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy under general anesthesia. Released too soon from the hospital only after an hour and a half. Next morning becomes unresponsive and dies at home. Settlement for $2,000,000.00.

Man dies in dental chair under sedation

A 35 year old man with mental disability died from respiratory blockage while under sedation. Improper resuscitation attempts also contributed to the victim’s death. Settlement for $475,000.

Wrist surgery results in quadriplegia/death

A 65 year old man falls down steps at home. Shoulder fracture, wrist fracture, and facial fractures. During surgery on his wrist doctors failed to control blood pressure—patient wakes up a quadriplegic. Dies from complications of his quadriplegia two months later. Settlement for $2,500,000.00.

Elective heart catheterization leads to stroke/death

A 65 year old man undergoes elective heart catheterization. Before the procedure, he has period of high blood pressure/hypertension. Doctor fails to postpone procedure and patient suffers a stroke which resulted in his death weeks later. Settlement for $950,000.00.

Brain damaged baby due to birth injury

A newborn baby suffered brain injury during the latter stages of a prolonged, dysfunctional labor. Many errors were made by the doctors and nurses: his IQ is now 63-70 and he suffers with a severe neurological and cognitive impairment and cerebral palsy. Case settled for $2,750,000.00.

Subarachnoid hemorrhage/failure to diagnose/death case

A 55 year old man develops the “worst headache of his life” at daughter’s wedding. Saw physician’s assistant two days later and is sent home with a diagnosis of flu. Two days later his wife takes him to emergency room where they diagnosed a subarachnoid hemorrhage/brain bleed. Emergency surgery performed but too late and patient dies. Settlement for $3,125,000.00.